born & raised
in East Los angeles



born & raised
in East Los angeles

 Photo by  Alexander Sommer


ee-bAAh-rruh men-DOH-zah

Hello! I'm Carolina, a xicana feminist, freelance graphic designer, photographer, and creative director. I view the world through a unique lens shaped by my vibrant cultural heritage as a first generation Mexican-American, my adventures abroad, and academic pursuits.

I have two bachelor's degrees from UC Davis in gender studies and design. I have a Master's of Fine Arts in graphic design from Otis College of Art and Design. Throughout my educational experience, I've traveled to England to study British exhibition design and the Netherlands to tour several design studios. Since then, I've successfully applied the critical thinking used in my gender studies background towards a conceptually rich application of graphic design and the visual arts. These influences have folded into an aesthetic that is sharp, clever, crafted for the project, and speaks on multiple planes.

My strengths range from conceptual development of large-scale projects to detailed production of visual images and typographic based communication. I've worked all over Los Angeles in different sectors of this diverse city. In 2016 I worked in the entertainment industry where I created social media images for the series Atlanta and Legion on FX by expanding on their creative universe through visual storytelling and unique artwork. Los Angeles City Hall is where my civic engagement took the form of promoting gender equality through the conceptual development and the branding of event collaterals for Mayor Eric Garcetti's Gender Equity Team for the First (2017) and Second Annual (2018) State of Women & Girls Address and Young Girls Assembly. Among my proudest contributions to social justice was the work I did with world-renowned artists Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz-Starus as the creative director and web designer for the feminist archive website AgainstViolence.Art.

I’m involved in two non-profit organizations in my hometown of East L.A/Montebello: Las Fotos Project (LFP), and the Montebello Historical Society (MHS). As the Chairwoman of Publicity for the MHS and an active photography mentor for LFP, I demonstrate my sincere passion for revisiting the past and investing in the future from a feminist perspective.

When I'm not creating visual art, you can possibly find me playing my flute in a marching band! I’m part of the UC Davis' California Aggie Alumni Marching Band (-uh!) as both a performer and "Board-Member-At-Large" in charge of designing the biannual newsletter; I’ve also participated in a burlesque marching band in the Bay Area. Most notably at the beginning of 2018, I was heavily involved in an all women's Buddhist Fife & Drum Corps where I got the incredible opportunity to perform at the Honda Center in Anaheim!

Thank you so much for visiting my digital space, I look forward to collaborating with you in any creative opportunity that supports gender equity, social justice, and a passionate commitment to making the world a better home for everyone.



design anythingdesign anywhere


design anythingdesign anywhere


Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, 2016

Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design 

University of California, Davis, 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Design,Visual Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies, Sexuality Emphasis


Second Annual Women’s Conference, LA Mayor's Office (Eric Garcetti) Gender Equity Team, Freelance Graphic Designer, September - October 2018

  • Created a presentation with three visual direction, from which one direction was chosen to create a cohesive event branding strategy.

  • Printed Design Material: Youth Booklet, Stationary, Questionnaire Booklet Sponsor Table Card Frame, Insert, Badges, Sticker, Wifi/Social Media Table Card, Donation Card, Table Cards, Stage Backdrop, Step-And-Repeat Logo Backdrop, and Wayfinding Signage.

  • Digital Design Material: E-Invite, SOWGA (Adult) Digital Program, Marquee Video, Marquee Static Images, and Presentation Backgrounds.

ARIADNE: A Social Art Network (Leslie Starus & Suzanne Lacy) Website, Freelance Graphic Designer, October 2017 - Present

  • Application of extensive knowledge and understanding of feminist theory and history.

  • Consultation on bridging the feminism of the 70s/80s into contemporary feminist discourse.

  • Refined and defined visual branding of ARIADNE: A Social Art Network.

  • Copyrighting and editing of content as part of overall identity.

  • Cohesive narrative and visual approach of content.

  • Photo retouching of historic images.

  • Web Design.

_I Crop Collective Co-Founder, Freelance Graphic Designer, Nov 2016 – Present

  • Creative Director & Graphic Designer.

Inaugural Women’s Conference, LA Mayor's Office (Eric Garcetti) Gender Equity Team, Freelance Graphic Designer, February - March 2017

  • Created the branding strategy for the LEAD LIKE A WOMAN event.

  • Produced all of the material for the Inaugural Los Angeles State of Women & Girls Address and Young Women's Assembly.

  • Collaborated with print-production and technical teams to assure quality of product.

    • Printed Material: Event Programs, Badges, Donation Cards, Table Cards, Podium Design, Certificates, Award Designs, and Thank You Cards.

    • Digital Material: E-Invite and Presentation Deck.

    • Wayfinding Signage & Banners.

    • Interactive Poster Series.

Cashmere Agency, Freelance Graphic Designer, June 2016 - Present

I've produced visual graphics and branding solutions that maximize exposure and buzz for major brands, music artists, and film/TV projects in the online space. With the growing importance of social media and interaction with consumers online, Cashmere provides a comprehensive strategy that aims to reach the 18-35 years old, tech-minded demographic in an innovative and organic way. Working for Cashmere has given me the opportunity to work with high-profile clients such as Snoop Dogg, Adidas, FX Network programs, and AOL inc. amongst others.

Acapulco Mexicatessen Tortilleria, Freelance Graphic Designer, 2012 to Present

  • Discuss design parameters with Management.

  • Proposed and presented several designs to Management.

  • Revised and edited designs based on feedback.

  • Executed Brand refreshment.

  • Created and applied visual identity to: product packaging, tote bags, calendars, signage, and business cards.

verynice Design Studio, Graphic Design Internship, October 2015 – December 2015

verynice is a global design-strategy consultancy that ignites movements, builds brands, and change perspective. Their “give-half” business model inspires thousands of practitioners to engage in pro-bono work. It was a great honor to work with the verynice team. As an independent contractor of verynice I reported to the Designer and Director of Design Operations to perform production for a selection of verynice's Design projects. The design projects vary on creative output: some require following and executing existing branding guidelines while others involve developing new branding solutions.

Otis College of Art & Design, Teacher Assistant, Fall 2014

  • Guide students in critical thinking and creative development through project-specific meetings

  • Lead small group discussions about visual methodologies

Davis Feminist Film Festival, Freelance Graphic Designer, 2011-2012

  • Given creative freedom to develop and implement identity to posters and flyers distributed around town

Crime Victims Assistance Network (iCAN) Foundation, Pro-bono Graphic Designer, Fall 2011-2012

  • Created an informative video

  • Designed several flyers and posters


Young Women’s Buddhist Fife & Drum Corps, SGI-USA, 2018

  • Performed live at the Honda Center in Anaheim, September 22, 2018, for the 50k Lions of Justice Festival

Cal Aggie Alumni Marching Band-uh!, University of California Davis, Flautist, 2012 - present

Burlesque Marching Band, Independent, San Francisco, 2016

Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh!, University of California Davis, Flautist, 2007 - 2012

Military Style Baton Spinning State Champion, Independent, 2nd place, 2007

Fellowships & exhibitions

Arts for LA Cultural Policy Fellow, Montebello Representative, September 2017 - May 2018

  • Red Barn Gallery

    • Currently working to support Montebello city to expand, improve, and support arts and cultural policy and infrastructure.

    • Direct access to seminars and lectures on cultural policy, government infrastructure, public art initiatives, communication strategies, and leadership building topics.

    • Purpose is to design a spring action project.

The Woman’s Building & Metabolic Studio, Fellowship & Exhibition, Avenue 50 Studio, March 2017

Fifteen women artists received a fellowship from the Woman’s Building and Metabolic Studio’s Special Projects in Archiving to create new works inspired by the history and legacy of the Woman’s Building and the feminist art movement. Considering the collaborative principles of the Woman's Building, I created The Madre Tierra Workshop: a selfless self-portrait mixed-media workshop grown from the seeds of the Madre Tierra Press (1982) in partnership with Las Fotos Project.

“Disciplining Sexuality, Unruly Performances” Conference, Speaker and Graphic Designer, 2011

  • Conducted extensive research.

  • Gave a public speech based on the findings.

  • Designed a poster on the “(Mis)Education of Latina Youth.”


  • Expert in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and AfterEffects.

  • Expert in Traditional & Digital Photography.

  • Moderate knowledge of Html & CSS.

  • Familiar with Processing.


  • Fluent in English & Spanish.

  • Music (in the key of C).