Photo by  Alexander Sommer

I’m Carolina Ibarra-Mendoza, a Xicana feminist, freelance graphic designer, photographer, and creative director.

I view the world through a unique lens shaped by my vibrant cultural heritage as a first generation Mexican-American, my adventures abroad, and academic pursuits.

I have two bachelor's degrees from UC Davis in gender studies and design. I have a Master's of Fine Arts in graphic design from Otis College of Art and Design. Throughout my educational experience, I've traveled to England to study British exhibition design and the Netherlands to tour several design studios. Since then, I've successfully applied the critical thinking used in my gender studies background towards a conceptually rich application of graphic design and the visual arts. These influences have folded into an aesthetic that is sharp, clever, crafted for the project, and speaks on multiple planes.

I’m a visual artist

My strengths range from conceptual development of large-scale projects to detailed production of visual images and typographic based communication. I've worked all over Los Angeles in different sectors of this diverse city. In 2016 I worked in the entertainment industry where I created social media images for the series Atlanta and Legion on FX by expanding on their creative universe through visual storytelling and unique artwork. Los Angeles City Hall is where my civic engagement took the form of promoting gender equality through the conceptual development and the branding of event collaterals for Mayor Eric Garcetti's Gender Equity Team for the First (2017) and Second Annual (2018) State of Women & Girls Address and Young Girls Assembly. Among my proudest contributions to social justice was the work I did with world-renowned artists Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz-Starus as the creative director and web designer for the feminist archive website AgainstViolence.Art.

I give back to L.A.

I demonstrate my sincere passion for revisiting the past and investing in the future from a feminist perspective by collaborating with my community and clients. I’m involved in three non-profits: The Woman's Center for Creative Work (WCCW), Las Fotos Project (LFP), and the Montebello Historical Society (MHS). I’m a board member of the WCCW, a member of the Board of Directors for the MHS, and an active photography mentor for LFP.

I’m a marching band geek

When I'm not creating visual art, you can possibly find me playing my flute in a marching band! I’m part of the UC Davis' California Aggie Alumni Marching Band (-uh!) as both a performer and "Board-Member-At-Large" in charge of designing the biannual newsletter; I’ve also participated in a burlesque marching band in the Bay Area. Most notably at the beginning of 2018, I was heavily involved in an all women's Buddhist Fife & Drum Corps where I got the incredible opportunity to perform at the Honda Center in Anaheim!

I’m here for you

Thank you so much for visiting my digital space, I look forward to collaborating with you in any creative opportunity that supports gender equity, social justice, and a passionate commitment to making the world a better home for everyone.