Acapulco Inc


Acapulco Inc

Acapulco Mexicatessen


Provided the following services:

  • Photography

  • Vector Illustrations

  • Creating & Executing Typographic Palette

  • Environmental Signage

  • Calendar Designs

  • Business Card Designs

  • Food Packaging Designs

  • Tote bag & Tortilla warmer Designs

Creative Writing + Copywriting

All of the visual components (such as graphic motifs and illustrative techniques) were directly inspired by the in-depth research I conducted about the Aztec culture and history. As a result, I've been able to cohesively introduce a new aesthetic that respectfully references its historical origins. 

In addition to providing visual solutions, I've also contributed to the crafting of several written components including:

Located at the heart of East Los Angeles: Acapulco Mexicatessen Inc. Tortilla Manufacturer carries on the legacy of the ancient Aztecs through their 7,000 year old recipes. We offer a complete line of fresh tortillas available in a variety of flavors including Flour and Traditional (Mexican corn) style, along with tostadas and chips made with real premium quality Nixtamal.