Website on display at SFMOMA as part of Suzanne Lacy: We Are Here exhibit (2019).




Website on display at SFMOMA as part of Suzanne Lacy: We Are Here exhibit (2019).

ARIADNE: A Social Art Network

Web design + creative direction + Branding


Description of Ariadne by Leslie Labowitz

ARIADNE: A Social Art Network (1977-82) originated as a conceptual art work to provide a structure to amplify the political impact of Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz's public performance interventions on violence against women.

We are at a time when women are speaking out loud and clear that sexual violence must end. By breaking the silence on all the forms of sexual violence and harassment a major transition is taking place. How effective social media can change real life violence against women and children is yet to be determined. It is certainly effective but it is not enough. ARIADNE: A Social Art Network had as its focus the integration of art, activism, media and government. I believe that model of mutual cooperation is necessary now more than ever. […] This website is meant to activate this generation while also serving as research material for academics and historians. The fact that this website is free and accessible opens it to distribution channels never before possible including as curriculum material for College and University Art and Media Arts Departments, Gender Studies, and other related fields.

Services Provided

  • I worked directly with Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz to showcase feminist history in a contemporary manner.

  • I created an innovative approach towards representing an archive as both a visually rich and narrative journey.

  • I created a cohesive branding strategy for ARIADNE: A Social Art Network by applying my extensive knowledge and understanding of feminist theory and history.

    • Copyrighting and editing content as part of overall identity.

    • Photo retouching of historic images and scanned original documents from the 1970s/80s.

    • Typographic selection and design direction of the website.

    • Website hosted on SquareSpace with light custom coding.


The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

July 20th, 2019

Carolina Ibarra-Mendoza, my graphic designer and I had a synergistic working relationship that crossed the generational gap to create a multilayered site that reflects the essence of ARIADNE. Carolina was invaluable, her design skills helped me to communicate old ideas in a new way that I hope will inspire and keep the torch burning.
— Leslie Labowitz, 2018.

Website Reviews

Wow, congrats! This is really powerful. Love the full screen images and the subtle scrolling effects. What a cool take on an archive!
— Matthew Manos, verynice Founder (2018)
I want you to know what an extraordinary achievement I consider the ARIADNE website to be... it is so rich. A valuable resource that I will turn to again and again.
— Allison Agsten, Director of The Main Museum, Los Angeles (2018)

Content Review

It’s such incredibly important work—honestly, it’s what has inspired me for my entire career, and it is the example I always share with audiences about how much a small group of artists with limited economic resources can envision, create, and accomplish.
— Carolyn Bronstein, Associate Professor of Media Studies in the College of Communication at DePaul University (2018)