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Social Media 

Freelance Graphic Designer, Cashmere Agency, 2017

With the growing importance of social media and interaction with consumers online, I contribute to the comprehensive strategy that aims to reach the 18-35 years old, tech-minded demographic in an innovative and organic way. I created visual art that exists within each fictional world as an extension of the TV show's universe.

  • Conceptual Development and Creation
  • Photoshop Magic

Legion on FX

Neither here, nor there. #LegionFX

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See things from her perspective. #LegionFX

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Keep reaching. #LegionFX

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Who is David, really? #LegionFX

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The boundaries are in your mind. #LegionFX

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Keep it stable. #LegionFX

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Atlanta on FX

On repeat. #AtlantaFX

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On deck. Episodes 1 & 2, 10PM. #AtlantaFX

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Hide ur kids, hide ur Crunchos #AtlantaFX

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Presentation Decks


Acapulco Inc

Acapulco Inc

Acapulco Mexicatessen Inc

Provided the following services:

  • Photography
  • Vector Illustrations
  • Creating & Executing Typographic Palette
  • Environmental Signage
  • Calendar Designs 
  • Business Card Designs
  • Food Packaging Designs
  • Tote bag & Tortilla warmer Designs


All of the visual components (such as graphic motifs and illustrative techniques) were directly inspired by the in-depth research I conducted about the Aztec culture and history. As a result, I've been able to cohesively introduce a new aesthetic that respectfully references its historical origins. 

In addition to providing visual solutions, I've also contributed to the crafting of several written components including:

Located at the heart of East Los Angeles: Acapulco Mexicatessen Inc. Tortilla Manufacturer carries on the legacy of the ancient Aztecs through their 7,000 year old recipes. We offer a complete line of fresh tortillas available in a variety of flavors including Flour and Traditional (Mexican corn) style, along with tostadas and chips made with real premium quality Nixtamal. 


M.H.S. Branding

M.H.S. Branding

chairwoman of publicity

the Montebello Historical Society

Working with Matthew Manos from the verynice global design strategy consultancy as an intern strengthen my humanitarian approach towards my design practice. As a result of working with Matthew and his team, I began working with my own pro-bono clients including The Montebello Historical Society (MHS). 

In early 2016, I created the new visual identity for the Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe Museum and Historic Site through a meticulous breakdown of historically based typography, iconography, and image making. I've designed flyers and brochures for the museum in addition to providing valuable solutions to strengthen community outreach and marketing opportunities. As a result of the positive reception of my creative direction, I have since earned the position of the Chairwoman of Publicty for the MHS board.

I’m currently spearheading the new Mujeres of the Adobe Exhibit.

  • This exhibit will step away from the standard narrative of 19th Century California by re-contextualizing the domestic, intellectual, and moral role women played in early California history.
  • I believe this exhibit will culturally change the way we value traditionally domestic roles.
  • The goal of my creative direction in this project is to plant seeds of inspirations for young girls who, like myself, could  learn about the past with a new appreciation of women - considering the masculine narrative that has dominated history. If we can change the way we look at the past, we can continue to strive for a more positive and uplighting future that values all people equally.

The vaqueros (cowboys) weren’t the only strong and brave people in the past!


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Smart City Action Plan

Smart City Action Plan

City of Chula Vista

Smart City Action Plan 

The City of Chula Vista has been named one of ten finalists for a Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grant. The Smart Cities Council, the world’s largest smart cities network, is awarding Smart Cities Council Challenge Grants to help five American cities apply smart technologies to improve urban livability, workability, and sustainability.

The City of Chula Vista, in partnership with the Port of San Diego and the City of San Diego, submitted a comprehensive plan focusing on innovation in energy, telecommunications, and transportation.

Graphic Design by IMCarolina:

  • Two Handouts 
  • 32-Page document



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Acapulco Mexicatessen Inc. 

Located at the heart of East Los Angeles: Acapulco Mexicatessen Inc. Tortilla Manufacturer carries on the legacy of the ancient Aztecs through. They offer a complete line of fresh tortillas available in a variety of flavors including Flour and Traditional (Mexican corn) style, along with tostadas and chips made with real premium quality Nixtamal. 

The logo comes in two forms

  • The first compact version comes with the optional red Aztec shapes on either side of the name - to be used depending on the application of the logo. Below the logo, I incorporated a cryptic Meso-American approach to representing the business number: 323-266-0267. 
  • The second is the most traditional version of the logo based on the original brand of Acapulco Mexicatessen Inc. with refined typographic applications and the full name of the brand with the Aztec Goddess of corn. 

The Montebello Historical Society

 The Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe, built in 1845, still stands at the center of old Rancho la Merced in Montebello.  Recently restored, Rancho la Merced is the City's oldest standing structure.


In the spirit of #worldphotographyday my #photography website is officially launched

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The Eye

The first stage involved distilling Erin Marie's incredibly approachable personality into typographic form.

  • I demonstrated to the client several options that ranged in the level of formality & femininity.
  • Once the appropriate typeface was selected, I meticulously customized the letters such as: creating some distinction between the finial of the lowercase letter i and the shoulder of the letter n. 

Based on my research of existing logos: I decided it would be best to provide two visual solutions instead of a singular logo. 

  • The first is a typographic lock-up that has the classic multifunctional ability to serve as both the header for her website in addition to the unifying watermark over her photographs.
  • The second logo (shown here) has minimal features that reference my visual interpretation of the eye of the camera. This logo is used on her social media account to further market herself to a global audience. 

The Trumpet

Dillon Tostado is a down-to-earth authentic and creative individual. His primary artistic medium is music. He excels in his abilities to record and performs as a freelance Trumpeter. After meeting over some beer/cider and hotdogs, he came to me with his typographic idea written on a used napkin: a beautifully creative hybrid of his name in the form of a trumpet. He entrusted me with the task of actualizing his vision by refining and rendering the design.

We are proud of our collaborative efforts.

 Business Card

Business Card

The Scientist

As an extension of my pro-bono work with, I collaborated with aspiring young entrepreneurs by guiding them in an intensive, four-month startup incubator via Catapult. Catapult provides participants with an immersive experience during which they must build, pitch, fund, and launch a venture. 

About the concept:

  • Science can be defined as the study of the world around us through observation and experimentation. Nevertheless, thousands of high school students never experience this explorative and creative aspect of science simply due to the high cost of the equipment and materials needed to perform laboratory experiments in a high school classroom. LabCrate is an innovative solution that provides simple lab packages on loan to high schools with a limited budget for science. By allowing multiple schools access to research-grade equipment and experiments for a specific period of time, we keep costs down and give students the confidence and experience they need to continue their science education and enter careers in science and technology.