Original Artwork

The Ecotone


The Ecotone is a post-apocalyptic utopian society where inhabitants live a life informed by two distinct communities. An ecotone may appear on the ground as a gradual blending of the two communities across a broad area, or it may manifest itself is a sharp boundary line; therefore, the Ecotone as a methodology involves embracing complex interactions between opposing forces. One way I approached image making was by feeding information from one medium into another - blurring the lines between where the digital begins and where the analog ends. In addition to creating a dynamic logo: the identity of the country became embedded in every facet of the image making. 

Creative Writing
Visual Identity

Experimental Art


Creative Writing


In order to maximize social efficiency, cultural uniformity was considered a priority followed by biological/genetic uniformity. For example: their monotonous music reflects the cultural uniformity of a sterile community deprived of any unique characteristics, resulting in moderately entertaining and acceptable melodies controlled by the corporate state. This also demonstrates how the primary function of the music is to keep the citizens docile. 


The thick forestation of their land heavily influenced their method for tribal self identification and communication. The lowland tribes have created a harmonic system in order to distinguish their tribe from one another. Their method relies heavily on collaboration: it is physically impossible to refer to the specific name of your tribe independently, considering the name of the tribe is a series of pitches combined to create a chord. However, if a single member of a lowland tribe sings a note, others can still identify the general region of their tribe considering the harmonies were geographically determined and influenced by neighboring tribes. In addition to singing the tribe name they also created water chimes from a native bark (chosen for its strength and acoustic properties): once constructed alongside the moving water, these water chimes create a continuous sound identifying that specific tribe. 

As a society they culturally embrace flaws and deeply value unique characteristics for their spiritual significance. People are often nicknamed after their flaws because they are seen as a necessary part of fulfilling their destinies. Culturally they embrace a system that nurtures complex ideas of individuality, independence, radical self-reliance, collaboration, and community. 


On November 25, 2200 native colonies were discovered in the hazardous regions of the last remaining rainforest on Earth. After the initial exposure, the people inhabiting the rainforest become increasingly interested in visiting the Corporate State. As a result, drastic measures were taken in order to assess the potential risk of cultural, social, and biological contamination. 


Precautionary steps were taken: the Corporate State bombed the borderland between the forest and the artificial city governed by the Corporate State. 


The bombing of the borderland contaminated nearby water resources. Some scientists from the Corporate State abandoned their country to assist in the restoration. A new community was born from the destruction. Together these contrasting cultures have synthesized a new culture at the very scar of the land. 

Our Culture

We are the outcome of opposing forces; our differences bind us to one another. We are the cultural innovation that was purged from the sterile past, to bring forth a new dawn - allowing each to transcend any and all limitations. 

Our Personality

Culturally conscious, uniquely autonomous, malleable, harmonious, euphoric, and consistently inconsistent.



Experimental Art


Photography must incorporate "analog filters" such as using fabric material and stretching it over the eye of the camera (shown above) or adding shades of purple ink on transparent material - creating an ethereal and palpable filter (shown below).