Lead Like A Woman


Lead Like A Woman

DESIGN like a woman

Freelance Graphic Designer, LA Mayor's Office: Innovation Team (Eric Garcetti), February - March 2017

I designed and applied branding throughout all event collaterals for the Inaugural Los Angeles State of Women & Girls Address & Young Women's Assembly. As a Freelancs Graphic Designer, my contribution involved implementing the "Lead Like A Woman" event branding throughout all of the visual assets including: event flyers, presentation backgrounds, multiple printed programs, invitations, printed notebooks, awards, certificates, banners, wayfinding, and signage.

The Innovation Team is an in-house innovation ‘start-up’ (i-team) inside the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Budget and Innovation (MOBI). We help leaders and city departments implement a data-driven and human-centered design process to assess problems, generate responsive interventions, and deliver measurable, sustainable results and impact.

  • Printed Material: Event Programs, Badges, Donation Cards, Table Cards, Podium Design, Step-And-Repeat Logo Backdrop, Certificates, Podium Sign, Award Designs, and Thank You Cards.
  • Digital Material: E-Invite and Presentation Backgrounds
  • Wayfinding Signage & Banners
  • Interactive Poster Series (Post-it's)

Madre Tierra Workshop

Madre Tierra Workshop


Fifteen women artists received a fellowship from the Woman’s Building and Metabolic Studio’s Special Projects in Archiving to create new works inspired by the history and legacy of the Woman’s Building and the feminist art movement. The Madre Tierra Workshop is Carolina Ibarra-Mendoza’s contribution: a selfless self-portrait mixed-media workshop grown from the seeds of the Madre Tierra Press (1982) in partnership with Las Fotos Project


DAY 01

reading + research

The workshop began by introducing the young participants to the Madre Tierra Press (1982) publication: “a written and visual work by a collective of thirteen Chicana Women in conjunction with the Women’s Graphic Center.” After an initial discussion, we reflected on our unique interpretation of Madre Tierra/Mother Earth as we created new ways of documenting and creating art over the course of the 3-Day workshop. 

Paint into pictures

While working with color and paint, the participants were able to focus on the unique elements of their chosen plant. Once a pallett was created, we transformed the colors to create our own unique filter in order to paint our photos as we embarked on an urban hike around Boyle Heights. 


We were able to create an open and friendly environment that ecnourages independent discoveries, mutual respect, and collaboration.

DAY 02

DAY 03


Plaza De La Raza, Los Angeles, California

March 2017

Animating the Archives:
the Woman’s Building Exhibition 

Avenue 50 Studio, Los Angeles, California


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May 2017


Feminism in Action

Feminism in Action

Feminism in Action - Las Fotos Project

Photography Mentor for Las Fotos Project 501(c)3 organization

  • Kindred Book, Fall 2017 - Spring 2018
    • I'm one of the mentors involved in a program about self discovery, intimate memories, family portraiture, and image preservation. At the end of this nine-month program, the young students and I will create a book documenting their experience as they dive into old family images and simultaneously create new memories. 
  • Limitless, Fall 2016
    • An intensive program for adolescent girls, ages 14-16, where I encourage girls to use photography, mindfulness, and self-care to improve their mental wellbeing. This program's primary focus is to provide a safe environment to share their story, develop coping skills, and help promote resiliency. It's been incredibly rewarding to actualize my feminist principles through the art of community engagement, self-esteem building, mindfulness, photography, and girl power! 
  • Summer of Self-Care, Summer 2016
    • I was able to contribute to the Summer of Self-Care experience where 17 girls spent four weeks reflecting, photographing, journaling and talking about self-care and self-love.
    • I was given the opportunity of teaching the young girls inDesign which was an exciting challenge to explain the program efficiently and comprehensively. The experience of giving an inDesign crash course brought me face-to-face with Albert Einstein's famous quote: "if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
    • Towards the end of the 3-day workshop, I collected the work and created the Summer of Self-Care zine by digitizing their illustrations and incorporating it throughout the aesthetic of the zine. 
  • Esta Soy Yo, Spring 2016
    • As a Las Fotos Project mentor I work directly with teenage girls by encouraging their creative and technical execution of photography. The program serves girls from the ages of 11-18, providing them with the tools for critical thinking, visual communication, and media literacy through a series of personal development activities. The innovative program uses therapeutic photography methodology and a project-based learning model. Esta Soy Yo serves approximately 100 students each year through 12-week sessions in the spring and fall.

Montebello Historical Society

creative director | Graphic Designer | Photographer | marketing 

  • Head of Communications, Chairwoman for the MHS
    • As the newly appointed Chairwoman, I manage the social presence of the museum and contribute to the overall growth of the museum through long-term vision planning. 
    • Most notably I’m currently spearheading the new Mujeres of the Adobe exhibit. This exhibit will step away from the standard narrative of 19th Century California by re-contextualizing the domestic, intellectual, and moral role women played in early California history. We believe that if we can change the way we look at the past, we can continue to strive for a more positive and uplighting future that values all people equally: because vaqueros (cowboys) weren’t the only strong and brave people in the past!
  • Graphic Designer for The Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe, Historic Site, & Museum
    • I work with the head curator of The Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe as a marketing strategist and community outreach consultant. Since working with them, I've designed a new logo, several promotional flyers, and social assets. My branding solutions make accurate historical references while maintaining a fresh and modern approach to vintage aesthetics.