M.H.S. Branding


M.H.S. Branding

Chairwoman of Publicity

the Montebello Historical Society

Working with Matthew Manos from the verynice global design strategy consultancy as an intern strengthen my humanitarian approach towards my design practice. As a result of working with Matthew and his team, I began working with my own pro-bono clients including The Montebello Historical Society (MHS). 

In early 2016, I created the new visual identity for the Juan Matias Sanchez Adobe Museum and Historic Site through a meticulous breakdown of historically based typography, iconography, and image making. I've designed flyers and brochures for the museum in addition to providing valuable solutions to strengthen community outreach and marketing opportunities. As a result of the positive reception of my creative direction, I have since earned the position of the Chairwoman of Publicty for the MHS board.

I’m currently spearheading the new Mujeres of the Adobe Exhibit.

  • This exhibit will step away from the standard narrative of 19th Century California by re-contextualizing the domestic, intellectual, and moral role women played in early California history.

  • I believe this exhibit will culturally change the way we value traditionally domestic roles.

  • The goal of my creative direction in this project is to plant seeds of inspirations for young girls who, like myself, could learn about the past with a new appreciation of women - considering the masculine narrative that has dominated history. If we can change the way we look at the past, we can continue to strive for a more positive and uplighting future that values all people equally.

The vaqueros (cowboys) weren’t the only strong and brave people in the past!