Red Barn Gallery


Red Barn Gallery

Red Barn Gallery

Work in Progress

ArtsForLA ACTIVATE Cultural Policy Fellowship, 2017-18

Action Plan: 
To establish a permanent art space that would generate creative opportunities for community members in the city of Montebello.

Veronica Diaz (former ACTIVATE 2016-17 Fellow) and Carolina Ibarra-Mendoza have successfully presented to the Montebello Historical Society the opportunity to adopt an abandoned barn built in 1898 and transform it into a future art space. Ultimately we plan to form a cohesive proposal to present to the City of Montebello and lay the groundwork for saving the abandoned historical site and transforming it into a community gallery space and art studio. 


Project Scope

Project Scope


The Taylor Ranch, was once Montebello's city center. The old Taylor Ranch home was eventually torn down due to decades of neglect, the sprawling yellow ranch house is now a public park, and one of its outbuildings remains, leaving behind a red barn. This red barn was originally built in 1898 and was known by locals as an “art barn” where children learn painting and crafts, up until sometime in the 1980s. 


Action Plan

  • Establish the abandoned barn as a historic site and future cultural asset.

  • Present proposal to the Montebello Historical Society(MHS) for their support.

  • Have the MHS agree to adopt the barn with the following conditions.

    • Collect community input via surveys and community workshops.

    • Create a branding of the space.

    • Establish the Red Barn Gallery

    • Repair and restore the barn built in 1898

    • Secure funding for renovating the space

    • Implement a co-op business model

    • Contact Central Water or San Gabriel Water for landscaping

    • Request the City prepare an ADA walkway to entrance

    • Host art-related workshops and lectures.

    • Utilize the barn as an art space

    • Facility usable for art classes

    • Facility can be used for MHS meetings

  • Aquire approval by the City of Montebello for the MHS to formerly adopt the Red Barn Gallery..


  • Successfully presented to the Montebello Historical Society (MHS) and convinced them to adopt the abandoned building and claim is as a historical site.

  • Building Inspected by the city at the request of Veronica Diaz.

  • Photographic documentation of the historic site in its current state by I.M.,Carolina (scroll down).

  • Initial online research of community feedback.

What’s Next?

  • Additional Research Needed via Community Survey

  • Branding of Red Barn

  • Present Proposal and Brand to the City of Montebello

  • Secure Funding

  • Determine the status of the “Taylor Ranch Cultural Center.”









You know you're from Montebello (Facebook Group)


Montebello deserves a space that supports local artists, and provides art classes to the community. What kind of art space would you like?


  • I’d like to be able to have a studio space where I can work. An area for teaching and a display/gallery area for the community. [4 likes]

  • That’s what I’m trying to work for as well. I’m trying to bring poetry, art and Film in Montebello. I’m premiering a short film at the Daily brew Cafe. In January [7 likes]

  • Makeup / special effects makeup courses . halloween makeup. creative makeup. everything and anything really [5 likes]

  • Oh The Taylor Ranch!...... Hmm that’s right, we didn’t save it. [5 likes]

  • I believe that was Ms. Evelyn Whites legacy, As young kids in the neighborhood we ran all over those hills, because Lincoln Ave. didn’t go thru until later...... Ms White offered to teach us about art, gave us supplies and let us express ourselves. Money was never discussed. She never even inquired about our parents... Most of us just fooled around, we were up there all the time, she never chased us away, later she watched us from her window..... and some times she’d paint...... I don’t paint really I draw a lot and the few skills I’ve used since childhood I owe to Evelyn White and the Taylor Ranch. [6 likes]

  • Fix Taylor Ranch !

  • There’s an art studio that teaches kids on Beverly... Montebello art studio. It’s on 18th and Beverly

  • We had a great place for artists in the Taylor Ranch House! We had an art club that was pretty active with awesome artists! One more reason to rebuild the Taylor Ranch House!

  • Should have been rebuilt the minute it was demolished. It truly was a great place for community gatherings.

  • The city currently provides art classes for all ages held at the Senior Center at City Park. The parks commission has discussed the possibility of utilizing the Adobe as a venue for this and other art displays as Taylor Ranch used to be. There is also a city hall foyer art display contest for local artists that is in the works as well.

  • Whittier Blvd is so blighted and could use art galleries to attract other businesses like restaurants, coffee houses. Piggy back around the brewery. Whittier Blvd could be a happening pedestrian area. I see inadequate lighting, dilapidated buildings, but that can change. Yes. It would definitely keep people out of trouble. It deserves a space for acting classes or studio too. I would love to see an art space for the community to display their art. Teach kids different types of art I grew up around graffiti murals and abstract art and everyone helped each other in the arts I would love for young ppl to be able to get involved and express them selfs thru paints of all kinds. City of Whittier prints out a magazine every summer, spring and fall showing all activities being held in parks, and senior building, and other surrounding buildings to give various classes in the arts. Painting, sewing, Jewelry making, knitting crocheting. Stained glass, swimming classes for all ages. Farmers market, concerts, plays performed by children, acting classes, dance classes. Someone who is interested in creating activities should look into magazine Whittier provides its residents. It would be very helpful for those interested in creating activities in Montebello. I hope this is helpful for your residents.

  • Music venue